Mr. Starks American Ninja Training


After a brief warm-up:

Minute 1-2: Jog in place

Minute 3-4: RIght/Left Ninja Chops

Left handed Ninja chop starts with the index finger by the ear and moves accross the body.  The right handed ninja chop is raised high into the air and also moves accross the body.  Both begin with the left foot forward in our ninja stance.

Minute 5-6: Squat and Ninja Chops, 30 seconds each arm

Add in a slight bend into the knees and begin alternating ninja chops.  Emphasize sitting back on the heels and moving to the toes on the ninja chop.

Minute 7-8: Ninja Jabs, alternating arms

Begin working on Ninja jabs, focusing on the closed hand technique.  Demonstrate quick hands and emphasize how ninja techniques cannot be used against fellow ninjas or regular citizens of our world.

Minute 9-10: Ninja Knees

Turn your body and torso to the side, holding your hands in front of your face, your forearms shielding your torso. Bring your right knee forward making a ninja noise.  This is when we learn to alternate our stance left and right.  Introduce the ninja kick extending the foot on the ninja knee.

Minute 11-12: Alternating Ninja Jabs/Chops 30 seconds; Alternating Ninja Knees/Kicks 30 seconds

Minute 13-14: Ninja jump and jab, 30 seconds each side 

Perform the ninja jump, and as you hop forward, jab out with your leading leg like a flying ninja. Continue on one side for 30 seconds before switching. ( about 5 kicks on a side )

Minute 15-16: Ninja Switches, 15 seconds each side

Learners begin with their left foot forward then do a hop switch alternating their front foot.

Minute 17-18: Ninja feet

Quiet feet, silent, no noise, sneak into the shadows.  Emphasis on light feet.  The learners chop their feet, with feet wider than shoulder width ( football choppy feet )

Minute 19-20: Ninja Vanish training

The ninja master yells ninja vanish and covers his/her eyes.  All of the ninjas sneak silently out of view of the master ( behind the master in a line ) when the master turns around all of the vanished ninjas duck and stay silent.  The ninjas stay hidden until told to reveal themselves.  The challenge is for the learners to make no sounds while vanishing.