My name is Joseph Stark.  I graduated from Chico State University with a degree in Exercise Physiology and an emphasis in Biomechanics.  In my free time I am a personal trainer and a personal life coach.  I am passionate for the sports of Baseball and Football.

Last year I received my teaching credential from Chico State University and came down to visit SCVi on their hiring day.  I fell in love with the possibilities a project based school gives to a physical education class.  My goal is to help each learner find what took me too long to discover.  This is their love for physical activity.

This year we will be creating projects and experimenting with many different ways to be physically active in the community.  Through this process I hope to find each learners likes and to help them learn to live a healthy lifestyle.

Mission Statement

I want to continue to develop a number of teaching strategies that encourage critical thinking and leadership development in my learners.  I have always valued creativity, so I strongly encourage and provide ample opportunities for my learners to express themselves both through instruction and assessment.  I want all of my learners to be able to feel safe and comfortable in a physical education setting. It is my goal by the end of each unit to provide my students with a positive physical experience, the terminology to discuss strategies critically, and the core fundamental skills that can lead them into a life of physical activity. 

Some fun research articles for your viewing pleasure. ( Skipping to the conclusion might help )

New trends in physical fitness.

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