Throwing Tic Tac Toe!!

Purpose of Activity: This game can be used as an assessment tool or as a fun way to work with the skills of a chest pass, bounce pass, overhand throw, underhand throw, etc. Any targeting type activity.

Materials Needed: 1 playground ball for each tic tac toe target, 1 tic tac toe target for every two students (posted on wall in floor tape), 1 roll of floor tape to post the target on the wall, crayons/pencils and papers with multiple tic tac toe targets to record game results.

Description of Idea

This activity works with the skill themes of throwing (overhand, underhand) and accuracy (targeting). Students work with a partner who they play the game against. Each group of two has their own playground ball, tic tac toe board (marked on the wall in floor tape), and their own piece of paper (w/ multiple tic tac toe boards posted on it) and crayon. Students stand at the throwing line and take turns throwing the ball at the tic tac toe board posted on the wall. One player is the X and the other is the O. They aim to hit the part of the board posted on the wall that they would like to put their mark in. Each time they hit the target in a particular location, they put their symbol (X or O) on the playing board on their paper. If that section of the board is already marked or they miss the board, they lose their turn and it is their partners turn to throw. (If their toss hits a line, the students can place their mark in any square that boarders that may decide to not allow that toss, it is up to you). Students play the game until someone wins or all squares are full. At that point they use the next empty board on their paper and play again. The game can be played using the underhand or overhand throw.