OVERVIEW: Students will be playing a modified game of Soccer recently named Touch Soccer.  Students will use teamwork, interpersonal skills, and the finesse dribbling skills to become successful in scoring.  The game is played with semi soccer rules and a soccer ball.  Instead of a typical two cone goal where the team must kick the ball between to score there is only one cone.  Each team must hit the cone with the ball to score a point.  There are no goalies allowed in Touch soccer.  Another modified rule includes the exclusion of out of bound lines and throw ins.  The ball unlike soccer can be played from anywhere.  Many advanced tactics involve trying to score from behind the “goal” much like hockey. 

RATIONALE: Games like Touch Soccer help to get students who are not already skilled enough to play in a regular tournament style game work on their skills and have a good time.  The game forces players to keep the ball on the ground as the cone is no higher than 10 inches tall.  Kicking the ball over the cone will not get the team any points.  Students enjoy the safety aspect of this game also as it requires students who otherwise have stronger legs to not kick it as hard as there is no goalie.